Apr 3, 2006

The Not-As-Great Italian

My Letter to RELS Foods, maker of the Great Italian.

To Whom it may concern,

I have enjoyed your "Great Italian" sandwich for many years now. It has the perfect blend of meats and cheese. The size of the soft baguette roll is just enough to satisfy my appetite but not too much bread that it makes the sandwich dry. It is a surprisingly tasty and fresh treat you can find at most convinent stores and gas stations. The part about the Great Italian I enjoy the most was the two pepperoncinis that were included in the package. This was a very nice touch to an already delightful sandwich. Since there was no veggies on the sandwich, having the peppers was just perfect and set this sandwich apart from the rest of the pre-packaged sandwiches in the deli isle.

Today I was very upset when I reached for my favorite quick meal and noticed black olives in the place of the pepperoncinis. "how could they?" i thought to myself. I really looked forward to the pickeled, peppery goodness that complimented this sandwich. The black olives arent really doing anything for this sandwich in my opinion.

From a great fan of the Great Italian, and a loyal customer I beg you to please bring back the peppers. If there is a reason they can not be packaged or sold this way I understand. But the peppers will be missed. And regretfully, so will the Great Italian.

Kirk Shelton

If you are a fan of the Great Italian write to them and tell them to reinstate the pepperoncinis!

Rels Foods Incorporated

955 W Grand Ave

Oakland, CA 94607


jimbizzle said...

That sucks! I hate when places change up the recipes that we've all grown to love.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

You are a smart man. I have written many a letter to many a corporation and have ALWAYS gotten a response. They love when we write. Let us know what response you get. I'm curious.

(No great italians out this way.)