Apr 27, 2006

yay for root beer!

I love bevmo. you wouldnt think so since i dont drink alcohol but they have a rad selection of random soda and root beer. I love root beer too. If you can find a microbrewery that makes it and has it on tap that rules. but if you cant, check out BevMo. My girlfriend went there yesterday and picked out a couple root beers.

Frostie is pretty good. its got a mellow flavor. not too sweet. I actually prefer it sweeter tho. the other one was really good. it had a creamy vanilla flavor. I bet that one tasted really good out of the tap in a frosty mug.

When i worked in the city, i went to this stupid little hole in the wall pizza place at Fishermans Wharf for lunch. It had the BEST... BEEESSTT root beer ever. and it wasnt even a microbrew. it was on tap and they got it from 7up i think. i think since it wasnt refridgerated very well and the soda fountain machine was from like the 70's, the tubes were corroded with sugar crystals or something and it made the root beer sorta flat, hella sweet and just perfect tasting. then they moved to a new location, remodeled and had shitty MUG or Barques like everywhere else. bah.

yay for root beer.

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jimbizzle said...

I'm a HUGE root beer fan too. The micro brewery in todos santos plaza has a fairly good root beer on tap. Not the best though.