Apr 14, 2006

Fuck you gas prices!

this is like my millionth blog bitching about gas prices, but damn dude, look at this shit.
2.83? fuck you gas prices, my wallet cant handle that shit. look people have pretty much given up on high octane. see how the ink on the 87 has worn away from people ONLY pushing that one.
I heard on the radio that Ford sells cars that get like 70-80 mpg in Europe, but refuse to sell them here. and that the major US car companies had deisel hybrid prototypes in like 1998 that got up to 60 mpg to meet a Clinton administration standard of having that by 2000. then in 2001 the program was cancelled and the big 3 started making more SUV's. we're getting ripped offf!!!!!!!!!!

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Jessica A. Walsh said...

A bill went through Congress in Georgie's first term. Had he signed it, a standard would have been in place saying that by law, all trucks MUST get X amount of miles per gallon. Meaning, monster trucks couldn't be made unless they got a certain mileage per gallon.

Yeah, Georgie didn't sign that one and that is why we can still buy cars that get like three miles per gallon so we can make his friends richer.