Apr 14, 2006

i want my 1/10th back!

I just posted in my mini noggins about the whole 9/10ths thing they tag onto gas prices and it got me thinking. The oil companies have all these excuses why they charge so much but make no real effort to defend the fact that they still make record profits. The low supply and OPEC charging an arm and a leg for crude oil may be real and supply and demand may be in effect but maybe they arent lying when they say this is why gas is so high. and maybe this has nothing to do with thier profits.

I have a new theory on how despite the high cost of making gas, they can still make profits. its that damn 9/10 of a cent they add to every gallon of gas they sell. think about it. remember in that movie Office Space where they make that computer glitch that sends fractions of cents to a bank account. They compared it to the plot of Superman III. where it would be virtually untracable because no one notices fractions of cents that are getting rounded up anyway. Well, what if when you get 20 gallons of gas all those 9/10ths get rounded to the next cent amount. what happens to that 1/10 of each cent? it goes right to big oils bank account thats where! and its been going there for a long time. now they are super rich.. just like in Superman III!!

I want my 1/10 back!!!!

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phlegmfatale said...

Since you love bitching about the gas prices (and who doesn't?) why don't you investigate how big a chunk of your gas dollar goes to bullshit taxes for our federal gubment? I'll bet you we pay nearly 50% of gas price directly to uncle sam, and that is WAAAAY more obnoxious than profits for petrol providers or increasing ATM fees.