Apr 17, 2006

monday sucks

Another weekend down the shitter. I took some time out to paint again. check it out. "Shriner Hank" is acrylic on wood plaque, 9 x 12".

I'm not 100% on the placement, it wasnt supposed to be so much off to the side. I might paint in an arm with a fist in the air. maybe not. I made it into a threadless shirt design. I made 3 new ones but they havent got accepted yet. I'd show em to ya but they're on my computer at home. next time maybe. I think a couple, or at least one is a winner! we'll just have to wait and see. so far none of my designs made the cut. low scores. sadface :(

1 comment:

phlegmfatale said...

I think this is fabulous. Love the gold against the blue wall, too.