Apr 5, 2006

go right ahead!

so i'm at Jack In the Box just now.. the ghetto one i go to. I walk up to the register and theres 2 dudes in front of me and a crowd of people in front of the 2nd register. As I'm waiting there this bitch and her kids walks in through the side door, which is right near the line. her kids make thier way through the crowd and get up to the registers then her wide ass follows in the wake. right then they woman, in my line says "how may i help you" and as im both glancing at the menu and about to say what i want her kid snakes me and orders. ahh shit well he's a kid i'll let him pass, then the other line is open and i start to shift over to order and before i realize what is happening the stupid mom, and the other kid are in front of me ordering. im thinking .. "hey you cant.. you cant take both lines.. and um, i was next" and also i'm in the hood so im not about to pitch a bitch about a black mom and her kids cuttin in line. its not the end of the world after all.. but as she totally cut me off... twice, I make eye contact with the register girl from my original line and raise my arms like "WTF?" she nods and makes like as soon as this kid is gone it's all me. OK sweet finally. so the kid gets his change and then some other lady who just walked in from the secret side entrance walks right by me and starts to order. Now I'm pissed! so what if youre old, who the fuck are you, im next biaaattch. the register girl sorta made note of the situation and acted confused as i kinda cut in... what bitch, do i have "IGNORE ME" on my shirt? "i said, actuall i'm next... i've been next for like the last 3 people" when i finally got my day in the sun i almost turned to the line and said "anyone else want to cut in front of me?" shit, it's amazing how a little trip to Jack in the Crack can piss you off so much. so now im steaming pissed waiting for my shit and this bitch with her kids can do nothing more than complain. about the chairs, about why she cant see her car from the dining area, why her shit is taking so long.. yadda yadda. I wanted to tell her off but it reminded me of that black congresswoman who is saying the cop at the capital check point is racist because when she didnt go through the security checkpoint or show ID, and then didnt stop when the guard asked her to 3 times, he grabbed her bythe shoulder to get her ID, she slugged him because he was "racial profiling" whaaaat?

so anyway, i didnt want the lady with the kids to make a fucking federal case about it, which is literally what the congresswoman is doing.

anyway.. fuckin' a man. people are assholes.


Anonymous said...

yea, i hate black people too

Kirk said...

i dont hate black people.

Anonymous said...

sarcasm kirkness, sarcasm