Apr 17, 2006

Easter Happened.

Easter happened. im not religious so whatever, more eggs and chocolate than most days. also it means baseball is back!
oh yea and since i live next to a god damned catholic church, that means no parking.

Then i opened a can of worms at the dinner table by accident. we were at my girlfriends aunts house, and her family is pretty catholic and this lady who is a friend of her aunt joined us for dinner. They were talking about praying for something and i mentioned a study i heard about that proved that prayer doesnt help. About how someone did a study to see if terminally ill people that were prayed for on a regular basis did, compared to people that didnt get any prayers. they found that it doesnt make a difference. oh man did i get the wrath. appearantly the lady just lost her husband. The whole group glared at me and then jumped down my throat. "how dare you say that" "It helped me get through a rough time" "blah blah blah" i could sense them defending the decades of catholic upbringing they had forced upon them as a child. coming at me like a hailstorm. Jesus fucking christ it was a proven study! I stood by my science. "it might have helped you cope but it doesnt make a difference for what your praying for ... scientificly" -I wanted to say "thats science, you cant fuck with science"
then they calmed down, justifying my scientific proof that praying is bullshit by saying it helps them cope with things. no shit, lie to yourself long enough....
i hate religion.

but check out these fucking statues!!


jslim said...

i totally agree, 100%. my grandma was diagnosed with cancer when she was 53, and it killed her!! this same lady who died of cancer founded a church in vallejo and went there every sunday and holiday!!!! so pray, pray for what?!?! thats all i have to say about that

Kirk said...


jslim said...

i just realized the picture on this blog looks something like slim coaching his little league t-ball team!!!! can i sue those bastards for making a statue of me without my consent? i should at least get a couple royalty checks, right?!?!