Apr 25, 2006

satanic marketing ploy

I was leaving band practice the other day and saw this billboard.
my initial reaction was "were those upsidedown crosses? fuck yea!" I thought that it must be some prank or something noting the upcoming satanic attributes of the upcoming June 6th 2006. But then I saw it again in Pleasant Hill, then again in Oakland. ok, so now i'm thinking this is some lame horror movie promotion gag. So like a good little courious consumer I googled it. Just what they wanted me to do, the bastards. I found out its for a remake of that 70's movie The Omen. fucking rip off. all that for a god damned remake. fuck you hollywood. Here's a quarter, go buy an original idea.

your marketing tactics worked, now I can steer clear of the theater around the month of June. plus. 6+6+06 is my moms birthday. maybe I'm Damien?

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