Apr 7, 2006

Mi Casa!

since Jimbo was all about showing off his place, I had to show him what our place looks like now with the new kitchen and all. meg's got it pretty well pimped out with hella random shit. here's some pics. its a one room loft/studio above a garage. we have a bathroom too but who the fuck wants to see that? the shower curtain matches the bed spread tho.


jimbizzle said...

Looks good. I dunno if I'd go for that beding you guys have. I'd make my girl put that in the closet.

I wish we could paint, but we rent and our landlord asked us not to paint... bastards!

Your place looks like fun! What's for dinner, and where's my painting?

phlegmfatale said...

Looks great, and I love all the wall colors.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

Place looks great! Very comfy and fun and homey. I imagine it would be fun to hang out, watch some comedy and eat some chips at your place. I love the track lighting.

I don't even think I could rest my head on those pillowcases though.

We went on a shopping spree at Lowes this weekend. It was awesome.