Apr 18, 2006

bee hive update

I went to go taste the sweet nectar at my parents house. I figured they'd have jars of that shit ready for consumption but there was none. My dad said all the combs were empty because the bees ate it all over the winter.. do'h! i guess youre supposed to harvest the honey after the summer. mother fuck. oh well, at least theres no bee swarms freaking out the neighbors anymore. the guy gave them a jar of honey from his stash anyway tho. then we all got naked and rolled around in it.

actually we didnt do that i lied. but check out this band called the Honeycombs.

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Nina said...

cool blog you got here!

i found the link on the threadless blog forum. comment on my blog please, if you have a chance. i've linked you on mine, as well.